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Three major reasons for the mobile phone charger explosion
Apr 22,2021, 2534
The reasons for the mobile phone charger explosion or fire are mainly the following three points.
1, Buy inferior products
Do you know that buying a charger without any product information is simply buying a time bomb. In use, it can charge the power normally, but there is no logo, even the most basic brand name. These chargers are very simple in terms of cost saving, and there is no protection mechanism. When the charging voltage is unstable, The components inside are easily short-circuited by current breakdown, and because there is no short-circuit protection, the the mobile phone charger explosion is caused by this.

If you are purchasing such a charger without any product information, if you are careful, you can check if the phone will flash screen, jump screen, leakage or slow response when charging. For your own safety, it is recommended not to use it again.

2, Long-term unplug charger
Many people have such bad habits. The charger is always plugged into the socket. When charging is needed, plug the USB interface. After charging, directly unplug the phone and never put the charger from the socket.

The charger is plugged into the socket for a long time. Although there is no phone connected, there is still current flowing through it. Not only will the charger age, but it will also cause short circuit, which will cause fire, explosion, and even accidental electric shock. Therefore, after the phone is fully charged, you should unplug the charger or turn off the power of the outlet.

3, Charger aging
Although it is a regular original USB fast phone charger, after a certain period of time, the internal components will age, not only the charging speed will become slow, but also the risk of explosion may occur when the voltage is unstable.

Of course, in addition to this, the explosion or fire of the charger may also be related to the charging environment. For example, charging in an environment with too high temperature may easily cause the charger and the mobile phone to explode. These human factors can be noticed in our daily life, and we can get rid of the bad habits of using the charger.

But for the charger is inferior, how do we identify it? A qualified charger has a certain standard, there will be a certification mark on the charger, this sign indicates that the charger reaches the country in terms of safety and compatibility. Mandatory standard requirements, the quality has been guaranteed.
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