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Impact of USB charger quality on battery life
Jan 23,2020, 1212
The impact of the USB phone charger‘s pros and cons on the battery is that when you use the device, you often see that it must be a compatible USB charger to charge the battery. Different types of USB chargers have different charging effects. For example, now widely used in mobile phone charger, this charger is, there are many models.

So why is there no problem using various incompatible chargers in real life? In fact, it is very simple. This is because although the power supply of various chargers is different, the difference is basically small. So to a certain extent, almost the same effect can be achieved. But at the same time it should be known that the use of incompatible chargers of different models should still carefully observe the parameters.

First of all, in terms of voltage, the output voltage of such chargers exists from 4V to 6V, and they can also be used to charge specific devices. Secondly, current, which is currently available on the market. Generally there are three kinds, the first one is 500mA, the second one is 1A and the last one is 2A. These chargers are different only in terms of power output. In fact, the internal design of the charger is different in various details, so in general, various USB chargers are not compatible.

Generally, the biggest difference between different chargers is the charging current. I think that the current parameters of the charger are generally best not to differ by more than 1A. The current has a direct effect on the battery. Excessive current causes the chemical elements in the battery to deteriorate.

When using a USB charger, the voltage and standard parameters are best not to exceed 0.5V. For example, the input voltage of a battery is 4V, at most it can use 4.5V or 3.5V. Once used, it is not in such a standard range. The internal voltage may lead to the inability to charge. Secondly, even if the charging can be performed normally, it will cause certain harm to the battery. The root cause is because the battery is also a path, and the voltage collected at its two ends is too large. It would destroy the internal structure of this battery.
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