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Jul 01,2021, 1096
Charging. Everyone does it with their electrical products. These are mostly products that we use every day and on the road. You usually charge these products daily. A charger is often supplied with a product. The time that you only use the supplied charger is long gone. Nowadays there are wireless chargers, car chargers, fast chargers and some telephones now even function as wireless chargers.

It is possible that you will no longer see the trees and the forest for this, but in this blog I will try to show you the jungle of all different chargers. There are a number of things that you have to take into account if you want to charge your product.

1. Which product do you want to charge?
Consider what kind of product you have and what your charger should do with it. The size of the battery of your product often determines what type of charger you need. The larger the battery, the more capacity your power bank needs. In addition, the current that passes through the charging cable (Ampère) determines the charging time of your product.

a. Telephones have different connections. So make sure the correct connection (often USB-C, lightning or Micro-USB). These are included with most phones, but if you purchase a new one, make sure you have the right connection. You can charge on the go with a power bank.

b. Small products such as a smart watch or wireless ear plugs require less from a charger. The products have a small battery and also use less energy than a telephone. This makes them easy to charge with a wireless charger or with your own phone (which then acts as a wireless power bank). Certainly if you use these at work, for example, it is advisable to place them on a wireless charger in between. Because of this you never have an empty battery and you can always use it.

2. What do I expect from the charger?
You can charge a certain product with different products. Think carefully beforehand what you want to use the charger for. For the road you need a charger that does not have to be in the socket and for work convenience and perhaps even design is important for your charger.

a. If you want to quickly charge your battery before you leave, it is best to purchase a fast charger with wire. These are so far faster than the wireless chargers. Within the wire-loaded chargers, there is a difference between normal chargers and fast chargers. For fast charging you need both a telephone that supports this and a special fast charger. A special fast charger sends more Ampère current through the cable than a normal charger. This means that a product is also charged faster. Please note that this mainly happens when the battery is low. It will take a little longer to prevent the battery from overloading at the end of charging. For a charger, it charges between 1 and 3.5 Amps. The higher this number is, the faster your battery will be charged.

b. If you want to go for convenience, it is best to use a wireless charger. Please note that wireless chargers must still be plugged into the socket and are therefore not suitable for traveling. You have all kinds of wireless chargers: upright, lying, thick or very thin. In addition, the difference in Ampère that goes through the charger is also important here for the speed of charging your battery.

c. If you need a charger that needs to charge in a certain place, then you must have the right connection. If you are on the train, for example, a (wireless) power bank is very handy. In the car you need a car connection again and a holder for your phone is also handy, so that it does not swing through the car. Hereby it is important to take the size into account, should the power bank fit in your bag or can it also fit in a larger bag.


1. There are nowadays phone holders that are also a wireless charger, this makes your phone neatly attached and charges it too!

2. Power banks are now also available wirelessly. No more fumbling with wires in the power bank. In addition, you now even have power banks that can charge themselves! Yes, really, these power banks have a built-in solar panel. This allows the power bank to charge through the energy of the sun!

Always think for which product you need a charger. The larger the battery, the larger (capacity: mAh) and faster (power supply: Ampère) the charger must be.

Then ask yourself what you expect from the charger: for fast charging, chargers with cables are the best.
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