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Watch Bezel Material: Ceramic or Steel?Over the last century, a bevy of materials have been used to create watches, not just to improve their aesthetics but to increase their robustness as well. For bezels, the most common materials used are aluminum, steel, and most recently, ceramic.

If you're about to start your watch collection, or simply have not considered bezel material, we break down the pros and cons of each option:

pictured, from left: Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon Watch | IWC Portuguese Replica Batman Ceramic Bezel Mens Watch
Watch brand Rado is often credited as the first to use ceramic in their watches with the Diastar (1962), but it was actually Omega Seamaster Cermet aka The Black Tulip that was the first ceramic watch (1981). The watch was too expensive to produce and did not see mass production. Over the next two decades,IWC Portuguese Replica ceramic watches would be released by IWC and Chanel, finally going mainstream when Rolex launched the Cerachrom in 2005.
The use of ceramic has become more popular over the past decade, and Rolex being Rolex, they did not just settle for any ceramic. They patented their own ceramic material called the Cerachrom ("chrom" being the Greek word for color). The tough watch component is scratch-proof and virtually resistant to fading.

It was first featured in the IWC Portuguese Replica of 2005,Tudor Replica followed by Submariner, and then YachtMaster. Colors have eventually included blue, black and green, helping the use of ceramics become widespread.
Rolex had previously announced that creating a dual-color ceramic bezel would be impossible, but they ended up proving themselves wrong with the IWC Portuguese Replica 116710or more popularly known as the "Batman" (seen above).

Very strong, robust material that won't scratchAesthetically appealing. In dual-color ceramic bezels, the two colors help the wearer distinguish between day and night. The material also varies in color - going from sleek to muted depending on the lighting.CONS
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